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Meet Marie McClellan, Healthy Foods Chef


Hello, I am Marie McClellan and I am a Healthy Foods Chef and owner of The Impeccable Plate, LLC.  I was born and raised in Haiti. I am married to a retired Marine officer, Rob and we have an amazing daughter, Amber.

At a young age, I enjoyed cooking with my mom and sampling all the delicious natural foods that she prepared. Throughout my youth she taught me about fresh natural ingredients and how to use them to prepare healthy, fresh meals.  

As a teenager, I attended a catholic school where I signed up for cooking classes. On the weekends, I would recreate the meals I learned and experimented with other recipes using fresh and healthy ingredients, adding my own unique Caribbean flair. 

Over 13 years ago, I became interested in how food affects the human body. So I set out to obtain a BS Degree in Nutrition Science. I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Public Health. The nutrition education I received coupled with a lifetime of knowledge of healthy eating and cooking, has led me to fully understand the effect that food has on the body. Therefore, I have become an advocate for healthy eating.  My goal and sincere desire is to help as many people as possible learn to eat healthier.  Our body needs fresh, natural, healthy foods to function properly so my goal is to provide you with the opportunity for healthier choices by opening The Impeccable Plate.

I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you.